Our guides and travel-assistants
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA want to be the image of a contemporary Mongolia, but also genuine Mongolia, our objective is to adapt us to your requests at the level of the contents of your journey, on physical level, but also about your budget. That's how we offer 2 levels of service, with experienced guide-translators and another one with guide beginners, without reducing the value ant the performance of each one.
To be a good guide should necessarily start one day and learn the work on land that’s why we have set up this level of service, which allows our young guides to improve their skill in your company and also we adapt on modest budgets.
Surname: Dagvatseren
Name: Chinguun  
Born on 14/12/1987.
Experience : 5 years
Chinguun is one of our best French speaking guides, but he did his studies in India and speaks also a few English…with a strong Indian accent.
Surname: Monkhor
Name: Enkhtuya
Born on 12/06/1977
Experience : 7 years
Enkhe is one of our best guides, it is perfectly francophone.
Surname: Erkhembayr
Name: Amarjargal  
Born on 25/06/1990
Experience : 3 years
Amaraa is our young guide, it still has to make progress in French, but compensates this small gap with its perfect adaptation to the horse stays, or in remote corners of Mongolia.
Surname: Sarankhuu
Name: Binderya  
Born on 24/02/1990
Experience : 5 years
Binderia is also one of our best guides, it works with us long enough to know perfectly the way we work and knows almost all our tours.
Surname: Enkhbat
Name: Khajidmaa  
Born on 16/11/1985
Experience : 6 years
Khadja is fluent in French, she worked with us since last several years.
Enkhtungalag Batbold,
24 years and 1 year experience with our agency.
She is in the third year of the university and speaks French well enough language, she has already participated in several stays especially in the region of Khuvsgul and goes perfectly horse.
Monkhjin Togtohchuluun,
21 and just a summer season to his credit with us.
It is also the third year of French and speaks the language well, it only needs to practice and is very motivated to become a guide.
Oyundari Batmonkh,
21, she is the department of Tov, not far from the capital.
It begins with us and still has little experience, but his motivation is great and in addition it is a perfect cavalier.
Monkhchimeg Naranbayr,
was just 20 years old, is the youngest of the team.
Nara is in 3rd year at the University of French, she began last year with us. Originally from the South Gobi or Omongovi, it goes perfectly with camel and will be an excellent guide for stays in the desert.
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA train its future guides
Our team of beginners is made up of young guides, who are looking to upgrade their skills, generally came to the capital for their studies, they are fully aware of the steppe and the life under the yurt; they will be real partners during your journey.  
We will present them as « travel assistants », on ease during a horseback journey or during a trekkong, they compensate for their lack of experience and mastery of the language, by a perfect knowledge of the nomad life style and in the wild.
it is also and of course a team of drivers, cooks, without which your trip in Mongolia would not be possible, many of them work exclusively for us for several years, the quality of our trips very often depend on them... they must remove the harshness of the Mongolians trails, they need to do a few detours to you let enjoy the landscape and make you discover the treasures of Mongolia...Or find the nomadic camp of our friends ... Which change place from time to time, without leaving their new address.
Part of our experienced team of guides:
They are Khuyaga, Nasaa, Pujee and many others!
This is just a picture of a part of this team, along with Otgoo, our best cook who will be perhaps with you during your trekking trip, during horseback journey or for a more comfortable circuit.
And above all, HAEVENLY MONGOLIA, it's mostly local guides, or nomadic people who live on the area of circuits, which know specific culture, and enjoy to help you to discover their country, they are  among others:
His real name is JAMYANSUREN, but everyone in Mongolia, has a nickname ... After a carrier on the flour factory in Kharkhorim, where he worked with his wife, Jaya retired. He is 58 years and fell very happy to have 3 sons, which suggests him a bright future as a nomadic herder.
Jaya has a nice herd and many horses, witch make him very proud.
He lives with his wife in the Bayangol valley, not far from Kharkhorim. All together, likes to collaborate with us, to exchange, to meet new persons.
Ganzo - Man of Arkhanagay.
Ganzo is a must on our tours in Arkhangay, the forties..;and a little more, the former wrestling champion with it’s imposing stature is one of the best herders in the region. An important livestock and above all excellent horses, it is surrounded by his family and his son, but also a small team working with him, between them, they are our best assets to make your journey unforgettable moments the heart of Mongolia.
Forty years old, he lives on the gates of the Khenty range mountain with his wife Dolgor and there 3 young children. Summer as winter, he set up his camp on the Tuul river. Tsodoo also has a beautiful herd and his horses are perfect for the trips in the mountains. In love with his country Tsodoo has constantly to discover the hidden treasures of "his" country, the khenty, he knows all the corners, hidden waterfalls, ruins, stunning views, lakes and hot springs.
Quite sure that Tsodoo will be your guide for your horseback trip or trekking in Khan Khenty national park.
Dosjan Khaval is our guide for treks in Altai.
Deeply Kazhakstan, Dosjan is one of the best expert guide of the Altai-Tavan Bodg in western Mongolia, with 14 years of experience in leading groups. He is currently a programming engineer, as a result of academic studies that he followed in Turkey; more recently, he got the Master Degree of Business Administration.
Above all, he likes to travel and work on the tourism, Dosjan speaks English, Turkish and Russian. Working with Dosjan, it is also working with his sister Naska.
Naska knows perfectly well the Tavan Bogd national park, she worked at the tourism center of Bayan Ulgii for 11 years. Their experience in the accompaniment and their perfect knowledge of the region will have surprising our customers.