Wind of Mongolia,
French/Mongolian agency established few years ago by Joel Rauzy.
Joel French, 48 years old, mountain guide from ... long time, since almost same a musher, who loves nature and wide open spaces, sports and adventure, he settled in the land of sky blue 8 years ago and began creating off road tours..
For 7 years, Joel and his team travel the lesser known areas of the country, opening new roads every year, refining their products and move some deep thematic trips not often proposed, with the help of professionals, specialized for each activity; thus born three distinct branches of Wind of Mongolia, with a website for each of them: ABSOLUT MONGOLIA for cultural issues, HEAVENLY MONGOLIA for more conventional circuits to discover the country and this site EXTREME MONGOLIA dedicated to sports journey and adventures.
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA HEAVENLY MONGOLIA wants to be reflect of the actual Mongolia, but especially of a true Mongolia, the Mongolia of wild life, steppes and mountains…. The Mongolia of nomadic herders. Developed by Joel, with its experience in leadership and establishment of journeys, but also and especially in very close cooperation with the nomad families’ main designers of those journeys. HEAVENLY MONGOLIA invites you to a reckless adventure in Mongolia. Our desire is to help you discover a country and Mongolian life style to you immerse you in the world of Mongolian nomads, our wish is that you become true actors of your journey…for the other part, it will be to you to discreetly interfere in this world rich of lessons and discoveries. You’ll have to let in you luggage all preconceived ideas, forget temporal cues to let you drag and enjoy the free life of nomads, otherwise, your journey would loose some interest.
Since 2003 Joel and Wind of Mongolia traveled around Mongolia, to the quest of authentic circuits, to encounters with the nomads. It’s like this that was created a wide network of friends with whom it is now possible to build new routes, quite everywhere in the country.
The desire of HEAVENLY MONGOLIA is to provide you with new circuits, to let you go where there is not yet tourism camps, to drive you into virgin landscapes, where tourism didn’t transform life style.
We can customize for you all kind of itineraries;
jus let us know about your wishes, all itineraries presented in this web site can be transformed as you want.
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA is the specialist in Mongolia for "a la carte" journeys, perfectly tailored to suit your dream and your budget….
We invite you to give us a frame of your next holidays and we’ll propose a concrete circuit.
Comfort travels:
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA also created a range of circuits to discover nomadic world and the immensities of Mongolia, while offering a nice comfort, ranging even to a real luxury of a hot shower at night in our mobile camp, the comfort of a privative Yurt, to enjoy amazing landscape and of course with delights cuisine between European and Mongolian.
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA it is a great team increased by our nomad friends, such as Ganzorig, Jaya, Kaderbek and many other, greedy to let you enjoy their country which they are proud.
HEAVENLY MONGOLIA, it is also a team of guides and translators, who work with Wind of Mongolia for several years and travel-assistants, less experienced but familiar with, the world of steppes and nomadic life, willing to share and make you discover their culture.
Journeys a very little groups or individual on a deep respect for nomadic lifestyle.
Landscapes, diversity, meetings, exchanges....