Gobi winter & summer
Gobi snow & sand  
Gobi Khermen Sav
Snow & sand, an immersion in the Gobi.
Mythical Gobi, in a different light, it is a winter journey that Heavenly Mongolia offers you. Far from the scorching heat of summer, the dunes under the snow, camels bundled up in their thick coats, nomads holed up in their winter camp .... The Gobi is dulled by the harsh winter, the light has a surprising purity and silence is reinforced by the cold ... but life still be there.
That is what we offer you to live.    
Diving toward the lost Kermen Sav Gobi,
or more precisely, the Gobis. The term of Gobi, simply means desert and in Mongolia there are several desert areas which form 5 big Gobis. Those deserts, all very different from each other, extending to the south of the country, from west to east, on the border with China. It is in the Gobi located in the far west that we take you for this incredible stay, lunar landscapes, deep canyon, sand dunes, Marl towers sculpted by erosion. Incredible experience for lovers of deserts. Nobody haunts the area lost, with difficult access. No npmads, no water points, only a few of our drivers dare to venture into these sand tracks, that winds can blow in seconds ..... landscapes of rare beauty.