Trek & ride en Mongolie
Horseback trekking
and trekking
Trekking between valleys and hills in the vast plains of the center of the country, green meadows, dotted with nomads yurts, yak herds, horses, sheep, …it is the Arkhangay, the region where the nomadic population is the most important, the region where there is the more cattle. You can also choose the trek in the sharper range of khuvsgul. The Khorido Saridag is a massive mountain separated into 3 long parallel chains that stretch on 150km and finish in the Sayan range mountain in Siberia.
A mountain range where it’s easy to see geological disorders from the last millenniums. Khorido Saridag is constituted by the almost vertical flips of a rocky plateau, raised during a violent volcanic eruption old of several million years, the flip of this plateau created at the same time the loophole which is the actual Khuvsgul Lake. Trek in the middle of a mineral world, but also very rich on botanic and fauna. But for sure, there is Altaï also, with a nice trek just down to the higher summit of Mongolia
Trek finishing at the edge of the Potanin glaciar, the last glaciar that persists in Mongolia, with astonishing views on the khuiten peak which has more than 4 000m…and as a bonus, discovery of the Kazakh culture.
3 Treks  totally different, different moods, different cultures…tehcnical level may be different… you will have to come back 3 times in Mongolia! These 3 circuits can also be converted into horseback trekking, like for the circuit in Arkhangay
presented in the "ride in Arkhangay" for the lover of beautiful trips on horseback and long gallops ... or then there's this shortere circuit in the Khenty  a beautiful mountain wilderness to discover quietly ridding a horse guided by Tsodoo ... Wide landscapes, overlooking narrow valleys, hot springs in the wilderness. Wide choice, in which you should find the circuit that suits you.